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Man installing roller shutter on window
Your Guide to Roller Shutters
08 February 2023

The purpose of this blog entry is to – hopefully – answer any questions you might have about the increasingly popular external window coverings known as roller shutters (available from us here at Sunblinds and Curtains). For those who want to go into more detail about these products, you’ll find our contact information at the…

Man measuring window prior to installation of roller shutter outdoors
Why You Should Update Your Window Coverings
17 January 2023

Don’t go another year with window coverings throughout your home, rental property or office that are ineffective, damaged, hard to operate or plain ugly! Here are six reasons you should update in 2023, with specific mentions of just a few of the many great options available from Sunblinds and Curtains, namely roller shutters, roman blinds…

remote control for blinds. female hand holds and directs a remote control on wooden shutters to open it
Choosing the Right Blinds for Different Settings
16 November 2022

Looking to install new blinds in your property but unsure which type to go for? This blog article will look at the various qualities of panel blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds, and note a few of the settings where they typically work best. When you’ve made your selection, you’ll find…

steel awning of modern house. exterior metal louver shading against blue sky.
Our Range of Awnings
12 October 2022

Along with our extensive selection of blinds and curtains, Sunblinds and Curtains also has plenty of options when it comes to awnings. This blog article will go into detail about the main types we offer. While they each have features that will suit different buildings and customer requirements, the one thing they have in common…

Interior photography of fresh and light bedroom with white bed, coastal style cushions, white built in cupboards and plantation shutters with decorative objects
Have You Considered Plantation Shutters?
30 September 2022

At Sunblinds & Curtains, we’re known for supplying customers throughout Adelaide and the surrounding area with top-class window coverings, both indoor and outdoor, for residential properties and commercial ones. Our products include timelessly classic plantation shutters, the benefits of which we covered in an earlier blog entry. The purpose of this piece isn’t to cover…

Why Roller Blinds Are Always A Great Option
31 August 2022

In the world of window coverings, roller blinds are a great all-rounder, regardless of whether you are looking to outfit a home or business. Just have a read of some of their many qualities below and we’re sure you’ll agree. Let’s start with one of the biggest pluses about roller blinds… Firstly, Roller Blinds are…

Our Range of Curtains and Drapes
10 August 2022

If anyone is unsure about the difference between curtains and drapes, both are fabric panels, but curtains are specifically made to fit windows while drapes hang right down to – and often “pool” on – the floor. Drapes may be thicker than the average curtain, but this is certainly not always the case. Anyway, the…

Our Range of Automatic Window Coverings
14 July 2022

Does your property have large windows? Does it have a lot of windows? Are any of your windows difficult to reach? Are you finding it harder to manually operate window coverings than you once did? Does it feel like you’re spending too much of your day covering and uncovering multiple windows by hand to fit…

Modern interior design with red sofa roman blinds on window
The Appeal of Roman Blinds
24 June 2022

When it comes to window coverings, arguably the most distinctive are Roman blinds. If you want fashionable blinds, they should be high on your list of options. At the same time, given all of the benefits they provide, they are also surprisingly affordable blinds. It’s hard to completely pin down the appeal of Roman blinds,…

Panel blinds
Your Guide to Panel Blinds
06 May 2022

There’s nothing wrong with basic window coverings – they remain popular for a reason. But if you’re after the sort of coverings that are guaranteed to earn compliments from everyone who sees them, consider panel blinds. These blinds consist of fabric panels that slide across a track. At Sunblinds and Curtains in Adelaide we can…

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