Roller Shutters Adelaide

Roller Shutters Adelaide

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Manual, Electric Or Solar Powered Roller Shutters Adelaide

Security roller shutters Adelaide from Sun Blinds & Curtains Adelaide can provide security, insulation and a modern look to further enhance your home.

Roller shutters provide insulation from heat and cold while providing security.

  • Manual, Electric & Solar powered
  • Weather & privacy protection
  • Protection from intruders
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large colour range
  • Made to measure

Extreme climate conditions are common in Adelaide, especially during the summer and winter months. You can reduce summer heat entering through your windows by up to 90% and reduce heat loss during winter buy up to 70%. This ultimately helps you save money on the cost of heating and cooling your home all year round.

Roller shutters Adelaide  provide security to your windows.  Our roller shutters are available in manual, hard-wired electric and solar electric styles.  The side frames and head boxes are powder coated to complement the shutter slat colours and your home.

Roller shutters are the modern, effective and affordable way to give your home the lifestyle and comfort that you want. Winters can be very harsh – so can summers. You can make your home a haven from the weather. The costs of cooling and heating your home will be dramatically reduced all year round with Roller Shutters. Damaging UV rays that continually attack your drapes, furnishings and carpet can be protected with roller shutters.
You have a choice of control mechanisms for your roller shutters. You can have electrically or manually operated – the choice is yours.
All roller shutters are operated from inside your home for convenience and security. The type of operation will depend on the size of the roller shutter, so ask our experienced representative which best suits your home.
Your home is your biggest asset, and today it needs constant protection. Roller shutters are made from interlocking, architectural strength aluminium slats which resist penetration. The internal locking mechanism locks the roller shutter in position when down. Outside, the slats are set deeply into the two side channels either side of the window, providing maximum strength and resilience. It is immediately obvious to any potential intruder that your home is locked and secure. To everyone else, the sleek and unobtrusive appearance of roller shutters blends in with the overall appearance of your home.
There are a range of 14 colours for all profiles, that will satisfy, as they range from the palest to the strongest hues. The colours have been carefully selected to harmonize with any application. Contrasting colours can be used on the slats as a stripe to achieve a highly aesthetic effect

We are a proud SA owned company who believe in only using the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.  With 49 years of experience in the industry, our highly skilled professional consultants will visit your home to advise and measure your shutters, and our fully qualified installers will completed your purchase.

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