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Motorised and Automatic Curtains

A luxurious enhancement for a traditional favourite.
Your source for

Quality AUTOMATE automatic curtains
and sheers

Sunblinds & Curtains is your source for quality AUTOMATE automatic curtains and sheers in Adelaide and surrounding areas.

A great deal can be achieved when motorising curtains in lofty, open plan living areas with Automate® motors. AUTOMATE curtains are an excellent choice for added privacy and insulation to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The sun and glare can be kept at bay, making for a more comfortable living environment.

AUTOMATE electric curtain tracks are designed to complement any décor and are remotely controlled for ease of use.

Battery powered motors:

Wire-free and rechargeable

  • No electrical wiring required

  • Micro USB port for charging with a universal cable

  • Utilise optional solar panel to maintain battery charge

Fashionable flow:

Elegance on a grand scale

Automate technology allows for motorised curtains up to 11 metres wide, curtains that can wrap around corners and slow down upon closure to create an elegant aesthetic for your interior space. In addition, if you are closer to your curtain than your remote control or smartphone, the Automate C motor provides the option of manual activation. This feature allows you to gently pull on the drapes and the motor will complete the action, automatically moving the drapes to open or close.

Advantages to

Motorising your curtains

There are many advantages to motorising your curtains. They not only have a grand and elegant appearance, but they can also add insulation to your home in the winter and keep the sun out in the summer. Furthermore, by using an electric curtain track, you can improve the functionality of your home by blocking off specific areas when necessary – for example, during a movie night when you want to darken the room. Curtains can also be used to hide unwanted views or to provide privacy when necessary.


We are your trusted Adelaide curtain and blinds shop. Allow our experts to assist you in creating a stunning new aesthetic for your home or business.

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