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Turnils Straight Drop Awnings


Straight drop awnings engineered for exceptional performance & designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

The Turnils Alpha Awning Series, designed in Australia, is a modern awning system suitable for all exterior buildings. The Alpha Awnings Series includes five stylish, robust and energy-efficient models that are popular with Australian homeowners due to their contemporary design and wide range of control options to suit almost any application.

Awning styles

You can design the ideal awning to meet your external shading needs in just five simple steps! Regardless of which awning style you choose all five awning styles in the series use common hardware for a consistent appearance. So, you can mix and match awning styles while keeping your home's appearance consistent!

Cable guide

Cable guide

An industrial look that allows privacy and ventilation.

Straight drop

Sleek & simple with a modern aesthetic.

Straight drop
Side retention system

Side retention system

Ideal for windy areas. Encloses an outside area, with no gaps for dust & dirt to enter.

Deep channel

Complete privacy & eliminates any light gaps. Multiple lock-off locations

at various heights.

Deep channel
Pivot arm

Pivot arm

Perfect for outward opening windows to circulate airflow & reduce direct sunlight into the home.


Closed headbox

Keeps the fabric clean from rain, UV & dirt enhancing longevity.

Closed headbox
Open roller

Open roller

A cost-effective option offering a modern industrial look.

Open headbox

Increased air circulation around the roller minimising heat build-up for PVC skins.

Open headbox

Operating options

internal cord winch

Internal cord winch

A perfect solution to operate your awning when the weather is not ideal outside. Only available on 60mm tube.

Standard spring operation

Allows you to manually adjust the height of the awning & secure using either the sliding bolt system or hold down clip option.


Control your awning with the touch of a button, incorporating the best of technology and design. There are several premium and cost-effective motorisation options available.

manual crack

Manual crank

The geared crank ensures easy operation that is not dependent on your strength. Available in:

  • 9:1 ratio gear or 4:1 for smaller awnings.
  • Black, grey or white colours and polished zinc in various lengths.

Light lift

An innovative operating option that allows you to raise and lower the awning to any desired position by simply moving the bottom rail by hand.

Bottom rail accessories

The Alpha Awning Series Bottom Rail keeps the fabric taut and reduces movement in windy conditions.

Weight bar

For smaller awnings that require additional weight to reduce bottom rail bounce and increase fabric tension, an additional weight bar can be inserted into the bottom rail. Per metre, an additional 1.2kg can be added.

weight bar
pile brush & valance

Pile brush & valance

A floor's surface is not always perfectly level. When an awning is installed over a large area, light gaps, insects, debris, wind, and rain can enter. To close the gap, insert a pile brush or a fabric valance.

Locking bolt

Secures the awning into the side channel base, cable bracket or breeching staple. As the bolt is inserted inside the base rail, the system maintains its clean aesthetic and allows the bottom rail to be positioned closer to the ground.

locking bold
hold down strap

Hold down strap

Hold down straps can be used to hold the awning down at various points

across the width of the awning. Similar to the locking bolts, the hold-down clips insert inside the bottom.

External fabric

Fibreglass sunscreen

With an inherently strong fibreglass core made of natural silica for superior fire retardance and consistent UV control. Fibreglass external sunscreens provide exceptional performance with low stretching, creasing and shrinking, making them ideal for side retention system applications.

Polyester sunscreen

These sunscreens, made with a PVC polyester weave, provide excellent UV protection and are widely available in a variety of openness factors.


If you are enclosing a veranda or patio, consider whether you want a nice cool breeze to come through; if so, an open weave sunscreen is best.

Privacy & view through

Consider whether you want privacy during the day or at night. An open weave fabric in a dark colour allows for great visibility during the day but also allows others to see in at night.


Duraguard® Fabric Protector's proven, water-based, preventative formula effectively repels most stain-causing agents. This fabric protection is completely invisible and highly stain repellent. It greatly simplifies cleaning and maintaining the fabric.

Colour fastness

Make sure the fabric you choose has excellent sun fade resistance. Any fabric with a fade resistance rating of 6 or higher will ensure that the colour you chose lasts for many years.

External fabric

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