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Tips for Finding the Right Blinds and Shutters for Your Property

25 February 2022

If you’re thinking about purchasing new window coverings for your home, rental property or workplace, our first tip would be to find a well-established curtain and blind company that offers affordable products that are still made to a high standard. To determine this, visit the blinds shop in question (or their showroom) and inspect the display samples as well as photographs of their previous residential/commercial installations.

Once you’re confident you’ve found a manufacturer of affordable blinds, shutters, awnings, curtains, etc. that you can trust, it’s then just a matter of choosing the type that best suits your décor, budget and requirements in terms of functionality. Below note on some of the many window-covering options, to help you make the right choice.

Curtains & Drapes

If you’re wondering what the difference is between these two, drapes tend to be thicker, often lined, and hang to the floor rather than just below the window. Whichever you choose, there are countless fabrics from which to select. Be sure to view plenty of examples beforehand – a tip that also applies to the rest of this list.

Panel Blinds

Whether employed for large windows, glass doors or as room dividers, panel blinds have a distinctive style that will leave an impression on your guests. They provide privacy and/or insulation, while also stacking neatly to allow maximum light when you want it.

Plantation Shutters

Timelessly fashionable and with their sturdy timber construction, plantation shutters represent a fantastic investment in any building that features them. Along with adding value, they won’t disappoint in the areas of light control or insulation, either.

Roller Blinds

As well as being durable and low-maintenance, roller blinds come in a range of fabrics to suit different rooms of the house. Extra-stylish blinds for lounge rooms, blackout blinds for bedrooms, moisture-resistant blinds for kitchens and bathrooms… The list goes on.

Roman Blinds

The combination of a truly unique look plus the way they fit snugly into a window space has won roman blinds many fans among designers. Raising their “luxe factor” even higher, they’re available in an eye-catching array of colours, patterns and textures.

Venetian Blinds

If total control over light, insulation and privacy wasn’t enough, Venetian blinds can be constructed from aluminium, faux timber or real timber, depending on your personal preference and budget. Got narrow recesses? Consider slim-profile Venetians.

Vertical Blinds

Always pairing well with sliding doors, vertical blinds give a huge amount of flexibility – they can be drawn completely to the side, or the blades can be tilted to admit just the right amount of light. Their clean lines also complement many room decors.


We haven’t mentioned motorised to this point, but it’s another factor to take into consideration. Motorisation isn’t just for outdoor awnings, shades, etc. There are indoor varieties and even motorised curtains. For a lot of people, the convenience of, say, motorised indoor blinds is well worth the cost.

Ready to Order? Need More Tips from the Pros?

Call Sunblinds and Curtains on (08) 8263 0704. South Australian owned and operated since 1969, we manufacture our products locally and offer a free measure and quote, excellent prices and service that’s second to none. As well as calling the above number or visiting our showroom in Golden Grove (Adelaide), you can send us an enquiry via the online form on this website. We’re always ready to share our years of knowledge and experience to ensure you get the perfect solution for

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