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Our Range of Curtains and Drapes

10 August 2022

If anyone is unsure about the difference between curtains and drapes, both are fabric panels, but curtains are specifically made to fit windows while drapes hang right down to – and often “pool” on – the floor. Drapes may be thicker than the average curtain, but this is certainly not always the case.

Anyway, the good news is that whether you’re shopping for curtains or drapes (or both), Sunblinds and Curtains can help you choose the perfect variety and then manufacture and install them to bring a fresh look to your property. Below are further details of our range of quality curtains and drapes.

Stylish Curtains and Drapes

If you’re in the market for traditional style, cutting-edge style or something in between, Sunblinds and Curtains are bound to have a fabric in a colour or pattern to suit your taste. And just because these options are fashionable doesn’t make them expensive. We offer a wide range of affordable curtains and affordable drapes to fit in with your existing décor or serve as the basis for a room redesign.

Blockout Curtains

Whether you’re a shift worker forced to snooze in the day, live in an area with a high amount of light pollution at night (a big problem in certain parts of the city), are seeking greater privacy from your neighbours, or simply want to be able to achieve total darkness in order to maximise your sleep, blackout curtains are the answer. At Sunblinds and Curtain, we sell eye-catching, completely opaque blackout curtains that will not only stop all incoming light but also block a lot of external noise as well. If you think that sounds costly, these are actually quite affordable curtains (and affordable drapes) – especially given how much they can improve your quality of life.

Motorised Curtains and Drapes

While curtains and drapes have been around since ancient times, they’ve also kept up with technology. Sunblinds and Curtains also have motorised curtain/drape solutions if you appreciate touch-of-a-button convenience. These powered windows and door coverings are attractive and dead easy to operate, but they also give a natural feeling of luxury. If you’ve dreamt of having the sort of “smart home” often promoted in the media, motorised curtains and drapes are a great place to start.

Replace those Worn, Outdated Window Coverings!

New curtains/drapes will give you better light control, superior insulation, and improved privacy and generally make the adjoining room more pleasant. It’s amazing how we’ll sometimes buy an outfit to wear maybe once a year but neglect the window coverings we look at and use every day!

Looking for Quality Curtains or Quality Drapes?

Sunblinds and Curtains can help! We are a South Australian-owned business operating since 1969 that manufactures our products locally and offers a free measure and quote, competitive prices and service that is second to none. You can call us on (08) 8263 0704, visit our showroom in Golden Grove (Adelaide) or send us an enquiry via the online form found here.

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