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Our Range of Automatic Window Coverings

14 July 2022

Does your property have large windows? Does it have a lot of windows? Are any of your windows difficult to reach? Are you finding it harder to manually operate window coverings than you once did? Does it feel like you’re spending too much of your day covering and uncovering multiple windows by hand to fit in with the position of the sun/weather/activities that are taking place in adjacent areas?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you should seriously consider automatic window coverings. These come in various forms, and at Sunblinds and Curtains (Golden Grove, SA) we can supply you with top-quality automatic coverings for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on your specific property requirements. Here’s a rundown of the four main options –

Automatic Awnings

Café and restaurant owners, in particular, will love our motorised retractable awnings which can be set to open themselves, casting cooling shade over nearby tables and chairs, when a certain level of sunlight is reached during the day. Of course, these automatic awnings are just as useful in a home setting if you have an outdoor entertaining area that sees regular use for eating, reading the paper, sitting by the pool, etc.

Automatic Shades (Outdoor)

Many people would love to have outdoor shades somewhere on their property, to give them that “best of both worlds” feeling where you’re closer to nature but can still protect yourself from the elements. However, a lot of these same people are put off by the amount of physical effort that such window coverings traditionally require. Fortunately, that’s NOT the case with our automatic shades, which operate at the press of the button and allow you to ensure the shade is firmly locked in place in the closed position.

Automatic Shades (Roller)

As with our automatic awnings (above), our automatic roller shades can be programmed to open and closed based on the weather and available light. In other words, they can help keep the temperature on your property even without immediately resorting to heating/cooling devices. What a fantastic way to save money, save energy and be environmentally responsible! Speaking of saving power, there’s even the option of connecting these automatic shades to a solar panel.

Automatic Curtains

Size can be a limiting factor with curtains – we have to operate them on a daily basis, after all. With automatic curtains, though, you can go big (up to 11m wide!) with these classic window coverings, creating an impressive look and giving you the option to fully darken home-cinema rooms, etc. While they’re controllable via a remote or your mobile, if you happen to be right next to the automatic curtains, you can give them a tug and the motors will kick in and do the rest.

For information on the compatibility of our automated window coverings with various popular smart-home systems, check out this page.

Interested in Automatic Awnings/Shades/Curtains?

Sunblinds and Curtains can help! We are a South Australian-owned business operating since 1969 that manufactures our products locally and offers a free measure and quote, excellent prices and service that’s second to none. You can call us on (08) 8263 0704, visit our showroom in Golden Grove (Adelaide) or send us an enquiry via the online form here.

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