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The Appeal of Roman Blinds

24 June 2022

When it comes to window coverings, arguably the most distinctive are Roman blinds. If you want fashionable blinds, they should be high on your list of options. At the same time, given all of the benefits they provide, they are also surprisingly affordable blinds. It’s hard to completely pin down the appeal of Roman blinds, which are known for attracting compliments from everyone who sees them, but we can certainly list some of the plusses.

Roman Blinds Have a Uniquely Stylish Look

They look rich and luxurious. They look “soft” as opposed to industrial. Basically, they look fantastic. Even when they are in the up position, Roman blinds are almost a feature in themselves. In the down position, these fashionable blinds do as much for a room as pretty much any other decorative item you can name.

Roman Blinds are an Efficient Use of Space

Roman blinds take up no more of a window area than is necessary, making them well suited to smaller windows. This compact nature only adds to their designer qualities – they always seem as if they are meant to be there, not like they were added as an afterthought!

Roman Blinds Provide Great Privacy

The sturdy fabric of Roman Blinds is ideal for when it’s time to shield the room and its occupants from prying eyes, especially when combined with a blockout lining. The way they fit neatly into a window space (as noted in the previous point) adds to their effectiveness in this area. Unlike with certain other window coverings, there’s little chance for potential gaps in the privacy screen.

Roman Blinds Give Good Light Control & Insulation

When you are after natural light, Roman blinds can be raised to allow plenty into the room. On occasions when the priority is insulation, their sturdy fabric also helps in that department, deflecting exterior heat while retaining interior. Being able to keep your property cooler in summer or warmer in winter is always a bonus, in terms of both your utility bills and the planet’s precious energy resources.

Roman Blinds Are Available in Heaps of Designs

Prepare to be delighted when you investigate the many colours, patterns and styles of Roman blinds that are now available. This huge array also means that there are bound to be affordable blinds for those operating on a strict budget but with their hearts set on Roman blinds.

Roman Blinds Are Easy to Operate

While they look fancy, Roman blinds are definitely not difficult to raise/lower or adjust. Whether you opt for manual or motorised, they are straightforward to use. The motorised variety will also integrate easily with your preferred smart-home system.

Your Source for Roman Blinds in SA!

Sunblinds and Curtains is a South Australian-owned business operating since 1969. We manufacture our products locally and offer a free measure and quote, excellent prices and service that’s second to none. You call us on (08) 8263 0704, visit our showroom in Golden Grove (Adelaide) or send us an enquiry via the online form here. You won’t find a better deal on quality Roman blinds.

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